17 April 2009

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06 April 2009

VirulUrl Protects Your Affilate Links

If your like me that have affiliate links this free tool is very effective. When you join they offer a free members benefits, silver and gold. If you have the opportunity to upgrade to the one time offer, I'm telling you all the benefits you get is incredible!

Here is the Reality:

The reality is that the truth is that there are people out there that will actually edit your link to enter their own affiliate ID and make a quick buck back on their purchase. There is even software out there produced by large companies that will strip your affiliate code and enter the company's during a consumer purchase! This practice, termed "hijacking", happens every day and though highly dishonest and sad in the eyes of you and I, it is entirely legal.

Promoting the oldfashioned way... you get one chance at turning a prospect into a buyer for one product and have to hope they aren't going to edit your link and cost you the commission that is rightfully yours.

Promoting with VirulUrl...Every visitor to your website could become an immediate buyer of your primary product, a viral list building partner to you in VirulUrl, and earns you more advertising exposure across the internet- all for just advertising your primary product!

Free website with BlinkWeb

Blink Web is simple and easy to manage. They have different lay outs & styles from sales letter to blogs. You could also purchase a domain or hosting with them. You could choose to use a domain name or transfer your own.

03 December 2007

The ultimate link swapper and traffic generator!

I just found this cool site, were you get linked by thousands instanly. Maybe you're asking yourself what will it benefit my blog if I have others linking to me.


It's easy you just join and start linking with others in some cases they link to you and if you don't want to show their link in your blog just hide it. The part I love that your still linking to them.


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01 December 2007

Catchy titles for message board posts!

Here is some ideas for subject titles....

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"Don't Open"

"Have you seen this yet"